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Cyber Security (Study Abroad) BSc (Hons)

Anh Quốc

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Our BSc Hons Cyber Security programme is designed for the cyber security systems engineers and architects of the future. The programme is grounded in our core computer science programme to provide students with a high-quality understanding of modern computer science, covering both theory and practice.BSc Hons Cyber Security then adds specialist knowledge and skills with core cyber security concepts, such as security and penetration testing, digital forensics, cryptography, network security and resilient distributed systems. This programme includes advanced, and emergent, cyber security topics, such as security of autonomous systems, secure AI, secure cyber-physical systems and security metrics, which draw on the world-class research expertise in the School of Computing and Communications. In the first year, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental principles of the discipline, combined with their modern-day application. Throughout your study, you will gain skills and experience from a range of modules, including Software Development, Fundamentals of Computer Science and Digital Systems. Taking a practical approach to education, you are encouraged to build and analyse systems and software, as well as work with end-user feedback to refine and adapt solutions. In addition to progressing your foundational understanding, you will begin to explore the social, ethical and professional issues related to the discipline.Your second year will include key computer science topics as well as develop a deeper understanding of cyber security concepts and principles, all aligned with the core areas of the UK’s Cyber Body of Knowledge (CyBok). Taking a systems approach, you will explore topics such as cryptography and secure distributed systems and networking. You will also develop your understanding of how attackers target systems through penetration testing and hacking, along with cyber forensics.Drawing on the expertise of our NCSC Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Research, in the third year you will learn about advanced topics, such as adversarial AI, security issues of large scale cyber physical systems such as critical national infrastructures (utilities), and advances in approaches to cyber investigations and security analysis. You will undertake a substantial cyber security focused individual project. In this project you will work closely with one of our academics, expand your problem-solving abilities, and draw upon the skills and knowledge that you have gained throughout your degree. This will be great experience for you to draw upon in an interview and in your career.You will study in your third year at one of our overseas partner universities, building your global outlook and connectivity. You will choose specialist computing modules as well as modules from across the host institute, allowing you to gain cultural and personal skills as well as expanding your professional network. You will study the equivalent of 120 credits of which 30 credits will be subject-specific modules that will contribute credit towards your Lancaster degree.Lancaster University will make reasonable endeavours to place students at an approved overseas partner university that offers appropriate modules. Occasionally places overseas may not be available for all students who want to study abroad or the place at the partner university may be withdrawn if core modules are unavailable. If you are not offered a place to study overseas, you will be able to transfer to the equivalent standard degree scheme and would complete your studies at Lancaster. Lancaster University cannot accept responsibility for any financial aspects of the year abroad.This programme is intended to satisfy the requirements for Cyber Security accreditation as

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Computing and Communications

Các hình thức học tập

Toàn thời gian bao gồm cả thời gian học ở một quốc gia khác (4 năm)

Học phí
£26,550.00 (885,000,000 đ) một năm
International students on full-year study abroad/work placements will be charged the same percentages as the standard International fee.

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1 Tháng Mười 2023

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LA1 4YW, England

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AAB including A level Mathematics or Further Mathematics grade A, OR ABB including A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics, at least one of which at grade A.In addition to the Mathematics requirements, A level French, or if this is to be studied from beginners? level, AS grade B or A level grade B in another foreign language, or GCSE grade A or 7 in a foreign language. Native French speakers will not be accepted onto this scheme.

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