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This innovative undergraduate degree programme is for those fascinated by ancient cultures. You will embrace the diversity of Greek and Roman culture, drawing together literature, drama, myth, religion, history, philosophy and art.You will be taught in the Department of Classics, Ancient History and Archaeology with the opportunity to explore not only the classical civilisations of Greece and Rome, but also the cultures of Egypt and Ancient Western Asia, as well as the Byzantine Empire. You will learn in a variety of different contexts, such as lectures, seminars, interactive workshops, independent research and field trips.Work with the plays, poems, and speeches that have come down to us from antiquity, and study the monument, religion and mythology that make up classical civilisation. You may choose to learn Latin or Greek, or continue your study of either language from A Level onwards, or you may wish to focus your undergraduate studies entirely on literature and sources in English translations.In your second year, with financial support from the University, you will undertake a unique two-week Study Tour where you will develop a research project and travel with fellow students to countries such as Italy and Greece to visit sites, monuments and museums of interest to you.**Why study this course?****Top 10** for Classics and Ancient History and Archaeology in the Guardian University Guide 2022**Unique Study Tours** – Bring your learning to life by exploring Greece or Italy as part of your degree. Plan and prepare your research trip with your peers to expand your academic understanding.**Personalised Support** – Benefit from smaller class sizes including one-to-one support on coursework and feedback whilst also becoming part of our ever-growing careers network of highly skilled graduates. **Learn from the very best** – You will study alongside some of the finest minds in the field. Times Higher Education ranked the Department in the Top 5 in the country for its performance in the latest Research Excellence Framework exercise.**Unparalleled Access to History** - Explore our Cadbury Research Libraries collections consisting of over 200,000 rare books dating from 1471 and more than four million manuscript items.

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Department of Classics, Ancient History and Archaeology

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Required subjects and grades: At least one science? A level subject. ?Subjects considered to be sciences: Geology, Geography, Biology/Human Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Further Maths, Statistics, Electronics, Environmental Studies, Computing and Psychology. Specified subjects excluded for entry: General Studies and Critical Thinking.

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