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The BA(Hons) Graphic Communication Degree (top up) at Newcastle College is a fast moving, competitive and industry led course that is designed to allow Foundation Degree graduates to further their studies in order to obtain the Level 6 qualification of a BA(Hons) in Graphic Communication. Visiting speakers, collaborative projects and live industry briefs combine in this course to offer you an up to date and challenging programme that will equip you well for success. This course focuses on creativity and quality of ideas. Course content is continually evolving and developing with the introduction of new skills which are aligned to current industry advancements in digital technology and practice. This course is aimed at the self-motivated students and the onus is on you to take your studies in the direction that best suits your chosen path of progression. This course is ideal for those students who wish to enhance their skills acquired at Foundation degree level and work at a more professional, self-directed level in line with the demands of the modern design industry. Graphic Communication now spans across all medium including print, digital, moving image and web. We recognise that our graphic communication graduates need to be multi-disciplined in a number of media. Course content is continually evolving and developing with the introduction of new skills which are aligned to current industry advancements in digital technology and practice. Delivery of skills and academic theory on the course is directly responsive to the needs of industry and is delivered by qualified teaching and subject specialist staff. Employer input is continuously provided throughout the year by local, national and international companies and practitioners. This creative course is forward thinking and provides Graphic Communication graduates with the relevant skills to work in this sector. This top up course promotes professionalism. You will be expected to manage your own projects and workflow, develop presentation skills, communicate with clients, plan and execute projects to the level expected from industry. All aspects of delivering the projects will be covered with an emphasis on working at a professional level, both through technical delivery and the softer, transferable skills required to work within an agency or self-employment. The course is designed for Foundation Degree or HND graduates that already have a passion for creative arts and want to pursue a career within the sector. We are looking for highly motivated, interesting and informed applicants who embrace their subject and are willing to commit to a programme of study that will allow progression either in to employment or further study at level 7. The focus of the course is to allow you to direct your own work and progression, whether that be as a freelance designer, business owner or employed within the design industry. The emphasis is on you to drive your own projects within the module framework with tutors on hand to facilitate your studies. With professionalism being at the heart of the course, you will be offered the opportunity to enhance your skills and direct your studies in order to enter the workplace or progress onto a level 7 study programme. This may be an MA or teaching qualification such as a PGCE. By working on live briefs set by creative agencies, our students have gone on to secure placements, internships, commissions and employment at some of the leading design agencies in the country. Previous graduates have gone on to work as a Mac Operator/Entry Level Designer, Mid-Level Designer, Senior Designer, Art/Creative Director, Advertising/Marketing Designer, Print Publication Designer, Front End Web Developer.

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Digital Arts

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Ngày bắt đầu

11 Tháng Chín 2023

Địa điểm

Main Site

Rye Hill Campus,

Scotswood Road,

Newcastle Upon Tyne,

NE4 7SA, England

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Consideration will be given to local qualifications (for example, high school, 12th Standard) as equivalent to a level 3 foundation programme for admission to the first year of an undergraduate course.

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