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Doctor of Philosophy in Media and Design Innovation


Nội dung bạn sẽ được học

This unique program will help you understand and facilitate communication between cultures. You can choose one of three concentrations: language and cognition, translation or organizational behaviour, or advanced skills in either French or Spanish. Intercultural empathy is the key to understanding today’s world while preparing for tomorrow, and the linguistic fluency and cultural intelligence you gain will prepare you to tackle challenges in varied sectors. In addition to your second language, you’ll graduate with competencies in research, analysis, leadership and problem-solving, all of which are needed to enter and thrive in a global market and workforce.

After Graduation

You will be prepared to employ linguistic fluency and cultural intelligence to tackle challenges in sectors where language and culture specialists are in demand: business, education, translation or public relations; immigrant settlement, social services; international relations; public administration, community engagement or urban development. You may work as a teacher, human resources generalist, international aid and development officer, interpreter, speech therapist, business/sector development officer, international relations officer, public relations officer or student recruitment officer. You may also choose to pursue graduate studies in culture, French or Spanish studies, global issues, law, immigration and settlement, public management, speech-language therapy, public administration or business.

This is a Grades-Only program. Students are evaluated on the basis of academic achievement/grades only. Additional non-academic requirements are not required for admission consideration.

Khoa bạn sẽ vào học

Faculty of Arts

Các hình thức học tập

Toàn thời gian (4 năm)

Học phí
CAD$27,464.00 (457,733,333 đ) một năm
Ngày bắt đầu

Tháng Chín 2023, Tháng Một 2024

Địa điểm

Faculty of Arts

Jorgenson Hall, JOR-100,

380 Victoria Street,


Ontario (ON),

M5B 2K3, Canada

Yêu cầu đầu vào

Dành cho sinh viên quốc tế

Completion of a four-year undergraduate (or equivalent degree) from an accredited institution

Minimum grade point average (GPA) or equivalent of 3.00/4.33 (B) in the last two years of study

Completion of an undergraduate course in statistics

English language requirements: IELTS: 7.0, TOEFL: 93 Internet-based, CAEL score of 70 and PTE score of 63, Cambridge English - 185

*Có thể có những yêu cầu khác nhau về IELTS tùy thuộc vào khóa học bạn chọn


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