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University of Bridgeport

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The University of Bridgeport (UB) offers students the chance to get an affordable but excellent education in a beautiful location. It’s a private institution with just over 5,000 undergraduates and postgraduates enrolled, studying on the 56-acre campus but coming from countries across the world. The atmosphere is welcoming, the culture is diverse, and the lessons are delivered to a high standard.


UB was founded in 1927, and it’s on the Long Island Sound in southwest Connecticut, the perfect distance (about one and a half hours) from the busy streets of New York City. For any overseas student who dreams of living a classic American east coast life while getting a great education, UB is a perfect choice. It offers students the chance to get an affordable but excellent education in a beautiful location.


The University of Bridgeport has always had the same mission: to promote academic success and show every student the importance of service, kindness, and community. The learning environment is a nurturing one that encourages everyone who attends to grow as a human being.


International students are sure to feel at home when they study at UB. Approximately 20 per cent of the institution’s students are international, and it’s been recognised as one of the ten most diverse schools in the country.


Students at UB can expect to be looked after by some great lecturers, tutors, and support staff. The student services in place, the scholarships available and the high teaching standards all promise a university experience where nobody feels uncertain or left behind. Any struggles, whether personal or academic, will be treated with respect. Every student will feel heard and important.


At this not-for-profit university where instead of money, value is placed on the success and well-being of the students, all are given equal opportunities to do great things and succeed. For potential applicants who want to enjoy their time in university on a pretty waterside campus near NYC, it has to be UB.


Explore more about UB:


Teaching quality

Entry requirements

Scholarships & funding

University structure


Student support

Graduate outcomes


Teaching Quality

At this impressive university, where the average class size is ten, students can expect high-quality teaching that always encourages them to learn as much as they can. There are over 400 faculty members at UB, all working together to make sure the university’s vision for the students comes true. All work together to make sure students are developed personally, prepared for their careers, and encouraged to value teamwork.


For every 16 students, there is one academic staff member. This is a big factor in the high teaching quality across all courses and programmes at UB. All students get a high standard of focus, so everyone enrolled gets the same opportunities, and nobody ever needs to feel ignored. Everyone gets attention, respect, and support at Bridgeport.


Quality teaching is just one side of UB’s greatness. The university also has some great past and current research projects to boast about. Researchers (students and staff) are dedicated to progress and improving society, and they work hard to keep standards really high.


For example, UB has won the most ASEE student research awards in the last ten years of any university in the northeast section of the USA. It’s also one of only 62 universities in the world to participate in the National Academy of Engineering Grand Engineering Challenges of the 21st Century programme. (No wonder Bridgeport graduates of engineering have a 100 per cent employment rate.)


Entry Requirements

UB has certain entry requirements for each applicant. Thankfully for students who might want to attend, UB isn’t the most competitive option in the US. It wants to educate as many aspiring students as it can, and it has an acceptance rate of around 70 per cent. For UB, it isn’t just about grades and academic accomplishments (though these factors will always matter), it’s also about personality and passion.


Generally, the only university entry requirements at the undergraduate level are education to the right level (high school in the US, college in the UK, the equivalent elsewhere). Postgraduate programmes tend to have more specific requirements from course to course, but all will need proof of previous university qualifications in a relevant field.


Applicants can submit SAT or ACT scores when they apply, but other than for a few programmes, these scores are an optional extra. They aren’t necessary. What matters most to the University of Bridgeport is that anyone wishing to study at the institution is ambitious and driven. These are the true university requirements, paired with an explanation of how UB will help an applicant develop and grow.


English Score Required

As an institution based in the USA, the University of Bridgeport expects applicants to understand the English language up to a certain level. This should be demonstrated by their ability to get a minimum English score in an accepted test format. Multiple valid tests exist, and there is a full list on the UB website (along with scores needed for each test format), but some of the most common are:


  • A TOEFL score of at least 75 for undergraduates, 80 for postgraduates
  • An IELTS overall band score of at least 6 for undergraduates and MS/MBA programmes, 6.5 for PhD programmes
  • A PTE score of at least 53 for undergraduates, 60 for postgraduates
  • A Duolingo English Score of at least 90 for undergraduates, 95 for postgraduates


Students should note that, before registration, if an applicant can’t prove their understanding or get a strong enough score, they will be given the University English Language Assessment Battery (ELAB) when they arrive at UB. If things didn’t go as planned the first time, this will give them another chance to pass and become eligible to start their classes.



The university admission process begins online, where students will fill out an application form to be submitted. Luckily, the application fee is waived for all students (domestic and international), so paying upfront to apply won’t be necessary as it normally would. With an application for student admission, UB also asks for certain documents.


International undergraduate students will need to submit official copies of secondary/high school academic records and all post-secondary school records. This includes mark sheets, academic transcripts, exam results, diplomas, certificates, and so on. If a student doesn’t provide all the right academic records, they may be denied admission.


UB also asks international students for at least one letter of recommendation in English, written by a professor or employer. This letter should confirm the applicant’s potential for success and explain their accomplishments so far. Letters of recommendation can be either submitted online or posted to UB in a sealed envelope.


As a student’s personality and drive are the two most important factors considered by this inclusive east coast university, a personal statement is also required. This should be 250–500 words, and it should outline why the student has chosen their selected programme, what they feel it can do for their development and career, and what their professional plans are following the programme’s completion.


A current passport copy is required too, as is proof of funding to demonstrate a student’s liquid assets (in the form of an original or colour-scanned bank statement). More specific details about required documents can be found on the university’s website.


Once all documents have been submitted and an application is officially complete, it will be reviewed by the admission team. Applicants will be notified once a decision has been made. At this stage, if they’ve received an offer, they’ll need to accept or decline it.


Scholarships & Funding

If there’s one thing UB understands, it’s the importance of providing education to everyone and working around potential obstacles like difficulties with funding. That’s why UB has so many university scholarships and financial awards in place that can help international students with their tuition fees and improve their university experience.


Academic scholarships, which will be available to new undergraduate students (international and domestic) based on their academic achievements, are normally considered and awarded automatically to the people who are eligible, so they don’t need a separate application.


All awards offered are renewable annually if a student does well during the academic year and stays above a certain standard. Award values range from USD 5,000 to USD 20,000 annually. Scholarships offered include:


  • The Trustee Scholarship (USD 20,000 per year)
  • Presidential Scholarship (USD 15,000 per year)
  • Provost’s Scholarship (USD 12,500 per year)
  • Dean’s Achievement Scholarship (USD 10,000 per year)
  • Academic Achievement Grant (USD 5,000 per year)

In addition to these, there’s the Athletic Scholarship. The value of this depends on athletic abilities, and students have to apply to receive it. Applications can only be made by people who have taken an SAT examination.


There are three amounts usually awarded to incoming international postgraduates, which are USD 3,000, USD 4,000 and USD 5,000. Again, these awards are connected to a student’s academic record. All postgraduate programmes in the Trefz School of Business, the School of Public and International Affairs and the School of Engineering are eligible.


For more details about each scholarship, students can visit the UB website and continue their research. Bridgeport is a university that’s always been dedicated to accessibility, and these scholarships help to open doors to everyone, no matter their financial situation.


University Structure

At UB, students are given the opportunity to chase their ambitions and pursue what they want to achieve. That’s why there are lots of different programmes, courses, and subjects. 14 faculties lead the way to student success, and these faculties are sorted into three different Bridgeport colleges:


  • The College of Health Sciences (containing the Acupuncture Institute, the School of Chiropractic, the Fones School of Dental Hygiene, the School of Health Professions, the School of Nursing, the Nutrition Institute and the Physician Assistant Institute)
  • The College of Engineering, Business and Education (containing the School of Engineering, the School of Business and the School of Education)
  • The College of Science and Society (containing Arts and Humanities, Behavioural Science, Natural Science and Mathematics, Modern Languages and the English Language Institute)


Within these colleges and fields of study, there is a wide range of available classes designed to prepare Bridgeport’s students for useful, exciting careers. What they learn during their time at UB will continue to be useful to them when they enter the working world and become skilled professionals.


UB also has several research centres and laboratories that help the institution to always be discovering new things and making important scientific developments. There are 13 centres total, and they all proudly demonstrate UB’s contribution to fields like sustainable energy, health sciences and biomedical research.



From Wheeler Recreation Center to Marina Dining Hall, UB has all the facilities any student will need to feel at home on campus, as well as plenty of opportunities to connect to their new community and create friendships. At UB, there’s no time to get bored and nothing is out of reach. There’s a student life centre around one corner and a student activity centre around the next.


Wheeler offers lots of ways for students to keep active throughout their education, and even provides the facilities for students to take part in old American games like cornhole and wiffleball. The student recreation centre also has more traditional sports facilities like a gym, a swimming pool and basketball courts, so everyone can find something to enjoy.


After exercise, students can head for dinner at the dining hall, where there are lots of healthy options and different types of cuisine. Then, for a late-night study session, there’s the beautiful Wahlstrom Library. Wahlstrom is four floors, with group study rooms, computer rooms and even a room of anatomical models. There’s also a library helpdesk for anyone who needs support.


Every academic facility at UB is as modern and well-designed as the recreation and relaxation facilities. There are technology-filled laboratories on campus, as well as lecture theatres and smaller teaching rooms for collaborative group sessions. Options to match every student’s learning style are available easily. No one is left behind or ignored at UB.



Students who choose to live on campus will find themselves feeling at home in UB’s seaside location. There are four different locations for students to choose from, and all of them have great access to academic services, dining options and opportunities to socialise and make new friends. They are:


  • University Hall
  • Barnum Hall
  • Chaffee Hall
  • Seeley Hall


University Hall is the largest student accommodation option at UB. It offers two different housing styles, including a traditional double room and a full suite for more privacy. Both Barnum and Chaffee, close to the dining hall, offer single and double rooms. Seeley Hall, also near the dining hall, has great views of the Seaside Park.


Most students at UB live on campus. For those who don’t fit the criteria, though, there are plenty of other properties available. UB will support anyone who needs off-campus university accommodation, helping them to find the right student house for their needs. There are more details about off-campus living on the university’s website.


Student Support

UB has lots of student support services available for people who might be struggling financially, academically, or emotionally. By offering this kind of full student support programme, issues can be handled more quickly and effectively, and students can get back to focusing on their studies.


Examples of UB’s student services include academic tutoring with a student guide, counselling with a trained professional, career advice sessions with an expert and a range of student health services. There are also award-winning onsite security services and personal safety escorts when these are needed.


UB wants to be sure that no student is left behind. Academically, the Academic Advising Centre provides plenty of student support to help people from all backgrounds transition to university life (including academic coaching, peer connections, sharing of resources, career exploration and more).


Student health is also a focus at UB, and the university wants every person enrolled to feel well physically and mentally. There’s a health centre at the university, and as mentioned above, free counselling services are also available to talk through any mental health concerns in a safe space.


Graduate Outcomes

At UB, students are provided with lots of career services, lots of career guidance and lots of academic support. Because of this, they leave UB with strong job prospects and a great understanding of the working world they’re entering.


Students across the university are given lots of valuable information about finding work after university. They’re also given lots of chances to volunteer in the community, do work placements and attend seminars offering advice on creating a good CV and cover letter/making a good impression in a job interview. Every person at UB can develop a career plan, get to know their industry, and become employable before they leave education.


The help doesn’t even end with graduation. UB’s Alumni Association allows graduates to keep benefitting from the university’s employment services, including its internal job portal. This portal shares a range of opportunities available to graduates, including internships and full or part-time positions posted by both national and local employers.


UB’s graduate employment rate is great, 91 per cent of graduates are employed two years after graduation. Outcomes range from programme to programme as there are lots of different subjects of study and areas of interest to explore, but the theme is one of success and positive achievement. For example, graduates from UB’s biology programme have gone on to work in research, education, healthcare, environmental conservation, and genetics.


With strong career services in place, a hands-on attitude to learning and a great track record, it’s hard to beat the exciting post-graduation outcome of a UB student. International applicants hoping to have a great time at university followed by easy entry onto a professional path should consider studying at Bridgeport.


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