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MA Fashion: Branding and Creative Communication

Anh Quốc



Nội dung bạn sẽ được học

MA Fashion: Branding & Creative Communication is a contemporary studio-based programme designed to help you build creative, conceptual and professional skills. The course aims to encourage and develop the next generation of fashion communicators, with the innovative mind-set, strategic thinking awareness and enterprise vision necessary for contributing to contemporary culture, leading to careers in the fast-moving industry of visual branding and fashion media and communications.  

The course welcomes applicants with interests across diverse aspects of contemporary fashion culture, including fashion journalism, fashion photography, fashion film, fashion curating, contemporary understanding of branding, marketing and art direction for fashion, contexts for sustainable fashion, engagement with social media and emerging technologies, such as AR, VR and holography, creative collaborative practice and experimental approaches to creative communication, challenges to established societal and cultural assumptions, and critical examination of both analogue and digital modes of communication.

Throughout the 12-month programme in our central Cambridge studios, you will find new sources of inspiration and explore exciting new directions for your image-making practice, experimenting across photography, moving image, animation, illustration and graphic media, art direction, editorial (print and digital), contemporary approaches to branding and styling, to develop your unique visual and conceptual approach to the branding of fashion. You will build specialist theoretical and practical knowledge of branding and promotional strategies and apply that knowledge to campaigns that communicate with different fashion audiences in a variety of contemporary spaces, analogue and digital platforms, and live events and experiences. 

Khoa bạn sẽ vào học

Art and Design

Các hình thức học tập

Toàn thời gian (1 năm)

Học phí
£24,990.00 (833,000,000 đ) một năm
Students will need to pay £8,330 per semester. All programmes are subject to a £300 registration fee.

Chi phí cố định
Ngày bắt đầu

11 Tháng Chín 2023

Địa điểm

Cambridge School of Visual and Performing Arts

13-14 Round Church Street,



CB5 8AD, England

Yêu cầu đầu vào

Dành cho sinh viên quốc tế

Successful completion of an Undergraduate Degree in an art & design, or related subject, and/or professional relevant experience. Students who do not meet these entry requirements will still be considered on their own individual potential to succeed, as well as any evidence of prior experiential learning. Students need to have an IELTS 6.5+ (no element under 5.5).

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