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Biology is the study of living systems and how they function. Because the biological sciences have had and continue to have profound impact on questions of concern to human society - longevity, environmental quality, biotechnology - knowledge of the biological sciences is an essential aspect of higher education.

Biologists find employment in research laboratories, regulatory agencies, and education. Interested students should see the major area advisors.

Biology majors take a minimum of 11 courses that include the core curriculum of Functional Biology, Organism Biology, Genetics, a biological diversity course, a physiology course, Ecology, and Evolution. At the sophomore level and above, a variety of courses in cellular and organism biology assure a broad education in any of the regions of specialization. Additional required courses in chemistry, mathematics and physics provide a broad scientific background. A minor outside the Biology Department is required for all areas of study except for the Wildlife Biology program. The B.S. major in Biology or in Microbiology is often the choice for those seeking pre-medical and pre-dental education as the courses required for graduation fulfill all the prerequisites required for admission to medical or dental school.


  • B.S. Major in Biology (Pre-​Dental Concentration)
  • B.S. Major in Biology (Pre-​Medical Concentration)
  • B.S. Major in Biology (Pre-​Physician Assistant Concentration)
  • B.S. Major in Biology (Teacher Certification in Life Science, Grades 7-​12)

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College of Science and Engineering

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US$23,820.00 (552,111,870 đ) một năm
Given tuition fee is based on 15 hours per semester; Summer tuition and fees: USD $5,080 (Based on 6 hours per semester)
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Dự kiến November 2020

Ngày bắt đầu

19 Tháng Một 2021

Địa điểm

Texas State University

601 University Drive,



78666, United States

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Dành cho sinh viên đến từ Mỹ

Applicants must have completed a high school. Students applying without this curriculum will go through our review process. 4 credits of English - Including: English I, II, III and IV; 4 credits of Math - Including: algebra I and II, geometry and advanced math courses such as pre-calculus, calculus and statistics; 4 credits of Science - Including: biology, chemistry and two advanced sciences such as physics, environmental science, anatomy and physiology, or integrated physics and chemistry (IPC) is acceptable between biology and chemistry; 3 credits of Social Studies - Including: world/human geography or world history, U.S. history since 1877, U.S. government and economics; 2 credits of Foreign Language; 1 credit of Fine Arts; 1 credit of Physical Education.

Dành cho sinh viên quốc tế

Students must have attended at least two years of school in the U.S. must provide SAT/ACT scores and meet regular freshman admission standards are as follows: Four credits of English; Four credits of Math; Four credits of Science; Three credits of Social Studies; Two credits of Foreign Language; One credit of Fine Arts; One credit of Physical Education.

Minimum Score for Regular Admission: Total: 78 (Each Section: 19; Except Writing: 18), TOEFL PBT: Total: 550, IELTS (Overall: 6.5; Each Section: 6.0), GCE/GCSE/IGCSE: Grade of "C", WASSCE: Grade of "B3".

An International Baccalaureate grade of 4 or higher in English A1 or A2 at the Higher Level or Standard Level or English B at the Higher Level is required for regular admission (predicted or actual).

Có thể có những yêu cầu khác nhau về IELTS tùy thuộc vào khóa học bạn chọn