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The Ecology & Evolutionary Biology major focuses on the history, development, and interaction of Earth's organisms, including plants, animals, and single-celled life forms. Students in this major explore life's diversity in an integrative evolutionary framework, spanning genomes to ecosystems: they study species evolution, the effect of environmental pressures on evolution, patterns of biological diversity, and species interaction within a given ecosystem. The Bachelor of Arts degree is designed for students interested in natural history and the biological/environmental sciences - students who pursue this degree option may be interested in careers in environmental policy, conservation writing or journalism, or grant writing.


- Concepts in Biology; Demonstrate the ability to define and explain core concepts in ecology, evolutionary biology, and genetics, and in the biological sciences more broadly.

- Scientific Communication; Effectively read, evaluate, and communicate scientific information

- Scientific Method; Demonstrate knowledge and application of the scientific method.


This Major covers a wide range of topics such as the genetic analysis of complex traits, evolution at the molecular level, phylogenetic analysis, organismal form and function, population and community ecology, genomics, and mathematical modeling. The course of study includes a core set of courses in genetics, ecology, and evolution, and a wide range of advanced course options in evolutionary and ecological genomics, phylogenomics, plant/animal form and function, organismal diversity and evolution (e.g., ornithology, mammalogy, herpetology, etc.), animal behavior, community and ecosystem ecology, and ecological and evolutionary theory, among many other topics.

The Bachelor of Science degree requires an internship or research experience. Students are strongly encouraged to become involved in independent research, either by working in faculty labs or through targeted programs.


Students who pursue the B.A. Ecology & Evolutionary Biology degree option may pursue careers in:

Environmental policy
Conservation writing
Grant writing

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College of Science

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US$36,600.00 (849,193,200 đ) một năm
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1 November 2020

Ngày bắt đầu

24 Tháng Tám 2020, 13 Tháng Một 2021

Địa điểm

University of Arizona

1200 E University Blvd.,



85721, United States

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Dành cho sinh viên đến từ Việt Nam

International students who completed high school outside the U.S. Minimum Overall Grade Required: 7 or B equivalent. English Language Requirements: TOEFL iBT – 70; IELTS – 6.0; Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic – 53; IB (English A – Higher Level) - 5 or higher;Cambridge English Scale (C1 Advanced, C2 Proficiency) 169;Cambridge GCSE, O Level or higher (English) C or higher.

Dành cho sinh viên quốc tế

Students must have high school equivalent to USA and entry requirements vary from country to country. International applicants whose primary language is not English, or who attended school in a non-English speaking country, regardless of citizenship, must prove English proficiency. English proficiency may be proven by one or more of the following:

TOEFL iBT - 70

IELTS - 6.0

Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic - 53

IB (English A – Higher Level) - 5 or higher

Cambridge English Scale (C1 Advanced, C2 Proficiency) - 169

Cambridge GCSE, O Level or higher (English) - C or higher

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