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This course provides a route into the applied science professions for those who have not followed the traditional route of A Levels in Mathematics and Science. The programme covers the fundamentals of science, and you also learn how to use relevant technology. This degree course covers: Not to be confused with a Foundation degree, this course is designed primarily for the mature applicant who does not satisfy the requirements for entry to Year 1 of an undergraduate course. An Extended Degree is a structured 4/5 year programme, where the first year is designed to prepare you with the necessary knowledge and skills to undertake a degree-level course. On successful completion of this preparatory year you will naturally progress your studies with LSBU in any of the following areas of applied science: Forensic Science; Sport and Exercise Science; Food Sciences; Biosciences; Human Nutrition.

This course allows you to go on to study one of our HND or BSc (Hons) courses in a range of Applied Sciences subjects. LSBU is committed to supporting you develop your employability and succeed in getting a job after you have graduated. Your qualification will certainly help, but in a competitive market you also need to work on your employability, and on your career search. Our Employability Service will support you in developing your skills, finding a job, interview techniques, work experience or an internship, and will help you assess what you need to do to get the job you want at the end of your course. LSBU offers a comprehensive Employability Service, with a range of initiatives to complement your studies, including: direct engagement from employers who come in to interview and talk to students; Job Shop and on-campus recruitment agencies to help your job search; mentoring and work shadowing schemes.

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Applied Sciences

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Tháng Chín 2021

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