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This combination of subjects is a good basis for a career in either discipline, or in related areas where the two overlap, such as research, government or the environmental sector. It uses geographical concepts and methods to give you a unique perspective on planning in urban and rural areas. Sheffield is the top-rated Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) planning school in the UK. Our graduates work in planning, regeneration, urban design, housing, heritage and conservation. Typical roles include environmental advisor, property analyst, planning consultant, regeneration project officer and chartered surveyor.The Department of Geography, where you will spend roughly half your time, is a vibrant study environment where geography is applied to all kinds of challenges in politics, culture, economics and social justice. Graduates work all over the world in lots of different sectors, including business, consultancy, the environmental sector, government, science and sustainability.

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Urban Studies and Planning

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Toàn thời gian (3 năm)

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£20,800.00 (630,674,125 đ) một năm
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27 Tháng Chín 2021

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Western Bank,


S10 2TN, England

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Students need to have: A Level - Applicants with a minimum of 3 A levels will be considered for direct admission to undergraduate programmes; International Baccalaureate - International Baccalaureate diploma holders will be considered for direct admission to undergraduate programmes; Other Qualifications: Holders of the Diploma/Associate Degree (Cao Dang) will be considered for direct admission to undergraduate programmes; International College - Our International College provides undergraduate foundation programmes specifically designed for students seeking entry into the University of Sheffield. Undergraduate applicants are required to achieve a minimum of IELTS 6 or equivalent.

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Đại học Sheffield thuộc Nhóm Russell nằm trong top 100 đại học toàn cầu (QS 2020) và là một trong 50 trường đại học quốc tế nhất thế giới (THE 2019).

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