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The Foundation Degree in Games Design is aimed at anyone who is passionate about a career in the gaming industry. Throughout the course, you will be designing and developing games, learning drawing for design, creative thinking and digital modelling. The course will cover the conceptual, visual and digital development of games and will be given an industry perspective that will equip you to seek employment in the sector.You will be actively encouraged to 'play', to question the nature of games/computer games and express the ideas you formulate through your personal project work. The course provides a strong visual and creative base, supported by digital modelling, set within a professional framework for the development of games concepts. As your skills develop, you will work on individual and collaborative projects, which may include live briefs from the games industry. These projects will allow you to explore every aspect of games design and develop your own personal practice. Lectures, demonstrations, portfolio building and independent study will help to develop the necessary skills to become a successful games designer, whilst guest speakers will enhance your insight and industry knowledge. You will develop key employability skills such as communication, time management, team work, working to deadlines and meeting demand. Key industry led standards will underpin best practice and draw out portfolio skills to showcase your work.Teaching and learning methods are varied but we place an emphasis on practical-based learning using purpose-built seminar and computer rooms. All courses will have lectures to guide you through the relevant topics, but there is a real focus on applying the material to relevant and real world examples in tutorials, practical sessions, seminars and directed work. The emphasis is on developing your ability to work and learn independently. Our computer rooms allow you to use specialist software but, where possible, we will make software available for your own PC. Students will also use an online learning environment which supports flexible learning by providing additional and resource-rich online materials.

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Toàn thời gian (2 năm)

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Ngày bắt đầu

Tháng Chín 2023

Địa điểm

Bootle Campus

Balliol Road,



L20 7EW, England

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