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Flexible Combined Honours BA/BSc

Anh Quốc


Nội dung bạn sẽ được học

- Unique and appealing degree structure combining two or three subjects where there is currently no existing Combined Honours degree and thus blend subjects across departments- Develop a blend of core knowledge and skills in line with your own subject interests and career objectives. The title of your degree will reflect your areas of study- Attend lectures and seminars in each of your subjects with like-minded Single Honours and Combined Honours students, with the added bonus of meeting people from two or three subjects, giving you a wide peer base- Our Penryn Campus is consistently ranked highly for satisfaction: students report having a highly personal experience that is intellectually stretching but great fun, providing plenty of opportunities to quickly get to know everyone- Facilities include a £12 million extension to the existing Science and Engineering Research Support Facility (SERSF), £30 million Environment and Sustainability Institute (ESI), Renewable Energy Engineering Facility (REEF) and a £1.2million Masters SuiteTo learn more about modules, assessment methods, facilities and our staff research expertise please visit our course page.

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Combined Studies

Các hình thức học tập

Toàn thời gian (3 năm)

Học phí
£23,000.00 (766,666,667 đ) một năm
Chi phí cố định
Ngày bắt đầu

25 Tháng Chín 2023

Địa điểm

University of Exeter - Penryn Campus, Cornwall

Penryn Campus,



TR10 9FE, England

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Dành cho sinh viên đến từ Mỹ

Alternatively, undergraduate applicants from the US should have successfully completed their High School Diploma, and should hold Advanced Placement tests (APs) and/or SAT subject tests (previously ‘SAT II’). We can also accept a composite ACT score provided any programme subject requirements are met by relevant AP or SAT subject tests.

*Có thể có những yêu cầu khác nhau về IELTS tùy thuộc vào khóa học bạn chọn


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