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Explore the world of fashion in the largest knit, weave and print studios you’ll ever see in an academic setting. You’ll have access to fully equipped clothing workshops, spacious studios with individual workspaces, technical workshops, laboratories, state-of-the-art production equipment and first-class Computer Aided Design (CAD) suites. Everything you could possibly need to develop your skills and explore your love of fashion.

This course covers a range of market sectors ranging from high-street fashion to ready-to-wear across both UK and global perspectives. Facing internal and external projects will help you develop your own fashion writing style and shape your understanding of the worldwide fashion industry. These skills can ultimately open the door to incredible career opportunities in your chosen marketplace.

We’re also keenly aware of fashion’s responsibility to work towards a sustainable, ethical and diverse future. Our briefs and projects respond to this, presenting a true reflection of many of the challenges being faced in the industry today. A good example of our commitment to this is our support for textile heritage. We work with many local and national industries to help ensure that traditional craftsmanship will always have a place alongside contemporary design.

The course is taught in our Scottish Borders Campus, which sits close to the heart of Scotland’s luxury textile industry. This is your chance to study in an area that’s home to some of the UK’s top design and production facilities for textiles and fashion.

Teaching and Learning

The teaching and learning approach combines different strategies from lecture to seminar discussion to one to one studio based teaching and learning and self directed study. The learning environment is based on studio and sampling and production workshop activity. This strategy encourages the development of individual creativity within a contemporary fashion context. The teaching and learning approach ensures students develop a practical dexterity with techniques and procedures and are able to apply these to design- based problem solving. Design projects in the earlier years provide a challenging framework in which to develop sound technical skills through practice and individual enquiry and critical thinking. The later years develop further individual enquiry and design expression and a more focused critical evaluation of the design ideas for the projected season and market within contemporary design practice. The final year provides a learning framework in which students agree a final design project and independently seek out expert opinion from the team of supervisors assigned to the final honours year programme.


Assessment is tailored to the subject being taught and is agreed in discussion with the module leader and Course Director. Continuous assessment is adopted by most of the module leaders and reflects the design practice and vocational emphasis of the course and the need for cognitive, core skills and professional awareness to be nurtured. All modules provide a summative assessment at the end of each module, but other modules which are studio based offer regular formative feedback to students on progress. This enures that both staff and students are aware of the students' performance and able to assist in the fine tuning of ideas and/or skills to successfully fulfil the requirements of the studio design projects. The final year is structured to provide regular Major Review assessments. These play a key part in formulating an opinion of the individual students overall performance across the programme of modules.

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Textiles and Design

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Toàn thời gian (4 năm)

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£15,080.00 (433,774,861 đ) một năm
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Ngày bắt đầu

14 Tháng Chín 2020

Địa điểm

Scottish Borders

Heriot-Watt University,

Nether Road Netherdale,


Scottish Borders, The,

TD1 3HE, Scotland

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