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Our Creative Entrepreneurship for the Music Industry route is a carefully curated programme that allows you to study topics from both the business programme, and a specialist music programme of your choice: composition, performance, production or song writing. Our business degree is a carefully curated programme that encompasses the ever changing creative and music industry. Developed in line with professionals working within the industry, this collaborative and practical course will mentor, coach and equip you with the skills needed to work as an entrepreneur in the music industry. Whilst evolving as an entrepreneur you will also develop your music industry craft, making you a self-sufficient music industry practitioner when you graduate. You will work on real world projects that will allow you to create and build impressive business, management, entrepreneurial and innovative skills to add to your ever-growing portfolio of work. Developed for the next generation of music practitioners with big ideas, you’ll cover a range of units that will help you to expand your skill set and become fluent in your area of music practice, business and creative and music management.

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Academy of Contemporary Music

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Tháng Chín 2023

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ACM London

16 Bromell's Road,



SW4 0BG, England


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