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Develop sound practical and theoretical skills in mathematics and software development, preparing you for roles that involve data analysis, modelling and simulation.Computer science and mathematics are closely linked. Many of the leading applications of computing are mathematical, and computers are fundamentally logic engines.This joint degree is for you if you enjoy and excel at computing and want to combine that with a very strong interest in mathematics.By combining our computer science degree with pure mathematics, probability and statistics, you’ll be prepared for careers in data science relying on a combination of mathematical and computational modelling, such as data analysis and forecasting.Tailor to your interestsIn the first two years, you will study a mix of mathematics and computing units, including computational approaches to finding patterns in data and the generation of computational models. In the second year, you will complete a group project with other students to design and build an interactive application, helping you gain important skills for the professional world. You'll also share lectures with Mathematical Sciences students to study fundamental algebra, statistical modelling, and data analysis.You can specialise in a particular field through optional units and an individual project, combining your interests in a specific area of numerical computer science and mathematics. You’ll regularly meet with an academic who specialises in your chosen field.Computer science master'sThe MComp provides you with the same core skills and knowledge as the BSc but with a greater exposure to and integration with our research groups in the Department.You’ll study master's-level units and carry out a major research project, giving you ideal preparation for postgraduate study or a career in research.

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Computer Science

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A*AA in three A levels including Mathematics and Further Mathematics with A* in Mathematics or Further Mathematics.Alternative offers: A*A in Mathematics and Further Mathematics plus B in a third A level plus one of: grade 2 in any STEP Merit in the GCE AEA in Mathematicsa suitable score in the MAT or TMUA grade A in an EPQgrade B in the Welsh Baccalaureate Challenge Certificategrade B in a fourth A levelIf you receive an offer for this course and are studying one of these qualifications you will be given both the typical and alternative offer (including any mathematics tests). If you are taking a GCE A level in a science subject, you will need to pass any separate science practical endorsement. For applicants with AS Further Maths only: A*AA in three A levels including A* in Mathematics plus A in AS Level Further Mathematics plus grade 2 in any STEP, Merit in the GCE AEA in Mathematics or a suitable score in the MAT or TMUA. For applicants with A Level Mathematics only: A*A*A in three A levels including A* in Mathematics and A in a second scientific or quantitative subject plus grade 2 in any STEP, Merit in the GCE AEA in Mathematics or a suitable score in the MAT or TMUA.

*Có thể có những yêu cầu khác nhau về IELTS tùy thuộc vào khóa học bạn chọn


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