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Study the chemistry behind the design and development of cosmetics with our unique BSc Chemistry with Cosmetic Science.

This course, due to start in September 2020, is the only course of its kind in the UK.

Cosmetic science underpins a booming industry. Cosmetics is one of the EU’s five largest markets, with rapid expansion causing a skills shortage of chemists to work on cosmetics development.

At Reading, we developed this specialised BSc Chemistry with Cosmetic Science course in conjunction with the Royal Society of Chemistry, the Society of Cosmetic Scientists, and industrial partners.

Working with expert academics in Chemistry, Biological Sciences, Food and Pharmacy, you will learn about:

  • the chemistry behind colour and scent in products
  • how to ensure that cosmetic products are stable
  • the ethical implications of using different ingredients in a cosmetic product.

Your learning environment

Studying the science behind make-up, creams, gels, toiletries, masks, oral care, hair care and sun creams, you will make extensive use of our advanced technology and laboratory facilities.

Core chemistry modules are combined with cosmetic science modules, and look at topics such as the biology of skin and hair, the chemistry of waxes and oils, formulation, and launching a product.

You will learn through lectures, tutorials, practical classes and workshops. You will also have the opportunity to undertake a placement in the cosmetics industry in your third year. For example, the University of Reading has strong links with multinational and local organisations such as Unilever, Tropic Skincare and Alchemy Ingredients.

In your final year, you will complete a new product development project. This could include developing an innovative cosmetic product, or reformulating an existing product for one of our industry partners.

Your project will follow standard industry processes with input from industry professionals. Alongside the project you will learn about the lifecycle of products and how to take them from idea, to design, to considering toxicology and regulations, and finally launching them to market.


This BSc Chemistry with Cosmetic Science course aims to prepare you for the rapidly expanding cosmetics market.

Learning from academics and experts employed in the cosmetics industry, you will make industry contacts during your studies as well as during your third-year placement and final project.

We have connections with a number of cosmetics companies in the area, including:

  • Smink (Ascot)
  • Alchemy Ingredients (Ascot)
  • Proctor and Gamble (Egham, Reading and Weybridge)
  • Johnson and Johnson (Maidenhead)
  • Tropic Skincare (Croydon).

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School of Chemistry, Food and Pharmacy

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Tháng Mười 2020

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