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This course includes a year-long industrial placement between your second and final year.Explore the workings of the human body and take part in world-class research through this strongly practical course.You will learn about the systems that underpin all living organisms from a cellular to whole body perspective and study diseases that affect each area and how the body works to combat them. In addition to gaining subject knowledge, you will also develop the skills to carry out key cellular, molecular and biochemical techniques, including live cell microscopy, and DNA and protein technology.This course is accredited by the Institute of Biomedical Science and was developed in partnership with practising NHS laboratory scientists. Our lecturers are actively involved in research and have expertise in a wide range of areas, as reflected through the choice of modules available throughout the course. Some examples of the topics that our modules cover include; endocrinology and the role of hormones in maintaining health, the biology of cancer and the impact of diet upon coronary heart disease. This variety in modules and overall flexible nature of the degree means you will be able to tailor your studies to reflect your own interests.We have recently carried out an extensive refurbishment and redesign and now have a purpose-built suite of laboratories designed for teaching and research, which you will have access to.There is the opportunity in your final year to take part in lab-based work on a biomedical research project; previous projects have looked at coronary heart disease, gene therapy for muscular dystrophies, and the role of cell movement in the spread of cancer.Previous students have undertaken paid vacation studentships funded by organisations such as the Wellcome Trust, and which can take place over six weeks during the summer break or part-time over a longer period. During studentships you will typically work on a set project and benefit from valuable training in techniques, experimental design and the interpretation of data.The University encourages students to consider taking placements during their studies, and our Department has a dedicated academic in charge of placements who can provide you with advice and support.**Careers**This degree can lead to careers in the biomedical sector as well as be a starting point for a different career; with further study you can go into the fields of medical care, dentistry or veterinary services.In the biomedical sector you could go on to work as a biomedical scientist within a hospital or pharmaceutical laboratory or in academic laboratories, scientific publishing or clinical trials. If you choose to enter the private sector, you will find numerous opportunities in the laboratories and clinical trials of pharmaceutical companies or scientific publishing. In the public sector, there is work to be found in government laboratories, hospitals and in an advisory capacity.

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School of Biological Sciences

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