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**Investigating biochemical processes right down to the molecular level has brought about huge leaps in our understanding across many disciplines, from evolution and reproduction to disease prevention and engineering. Biochemical research will be extremely important in the coming decades. From unlocking stem cell therapies and overcoming cancer and dementia to revolutionising computers and developing advanced materials – biochemical research has the capacity to make a huge impact on life on this planet. If you want to open up opportunities for further study or you’re thinking you’d like a career in research to make your own contribution to this vital field, then this course offers a great starting point.**- This course has advanced accreditation by the Royal Society of Biology (https://www.rsb.org.uk/education/accreditation)- The degree is based on the same framework as Biochemistry BSc(Hons), so during the course you’ll get a grounding in the fundamentals of chemistry, biology and biochemistry. As you progress through your studies you’ll have the chance to explore more advanced topics such as macromolecular structure and gene cloning, choosing some modules to help tailor your degree.- You’ll be taught by leading academics through lectures, seminars and sessions using modern scientific instruments in our specialist biological science labs. All along the way, we’ll support you to develop the insight and skills that could give you the edge when you graduate.- As a student on this course you’ll be able to apply for undergraduate membership of the Biochemical Society (https://www.biochemistry.org/Membership/Join/Undergraduate.aspx) and The Physiological Society (UK) (https://www.physoc.org/undergraduate-membership). You’ll also be eligible for student affiliate membership of the Royal Society of Biology (https://www.rsb.org.uk/membership) and upon successful graduation be eligible to apply for one year associate membership (https://www.rsb.org.uk/membership/individual-membership/membership-benefits), this can help open up networks at a crucial time when applying for jobs.Course scholarships available – up to £3000. More details - http://hud.ac/di8

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Biological Sciences (SBIOLSCI)

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21 Tháng Chín 2020

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HD1 3DH, England

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Students need to have a College Diploma/Associate degree is required. All applicants are considered individually and there may be alternative qualifications that are acceptable. All applicants are considered individually and there may be alternative qualifications that are acceptable.

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