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Biochemistry (including a Foundation Year) BSc (Hons)

Anh Quốc

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Foundation Year courses have been designed for students who do not have the necessary academic qualifications needed to enter directly into the first year of a degree but who have the ability and commitment to do so. Once the Foundation Year has been completed successfully, you can then go on to complete your degree.Study the fascinating branch of laboratory-based science, Biochemistry, which brings together chemistry and biology to explore life at the molecular level.Biochemists are at the forefront of advances in many fields, including medicine, genetics, pharmaceuticals, toxicology, forensic science and food science. This course will develop your interest in the biochemistry of life and how biochemical processes are involved in health and disease. You will acquire the knowledge and techniques needed to approach contemporary biological and clinical problems, and start to look for solutions.This course has a strong practical focus, allowing students to develop the lab skills needed to become an employable Biochemistry graduate. Laboratory practical sessions will be delivered in modern, spacious teaching laboratories. Biochemistry graduates are highly sought after in the NHS, the pharmaceutical industry and in medical research laboratories.Research Active StaffBiochemistry is taught by enthusiastic academic and professional staff who will provide continuous support throughout your studies at Chester Medical School. The academic staff are research active and continually strive to promote research within areas of Biochemistry, in which they have published research findings and discussed their work at national and international conferences. You will have the opportunity to join a research team to undertake your research dissertation in the final year.During your dissertation project you will conduct novel experiments and write up a thesis. In the past, some students’ work has been credited in scientific publications.

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Biological Sciences

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Toàn thời gian (4 năm)

Học phí
£9,750.00 (325,000,000 đ) một năm
2023/24 fees: Foundation Year: £9,750; Years 2-4: £13,450.

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Ngày bắt đầu

18 Tháng Chín 2023

Địa điểm


Parkgate Road,



CH1 4BJ, England

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To include A-level Biology, Human Biology, Chemistry or Science

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