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You're ambitious. You understand the kind of skills you need to get ahead in the banking, financial and commercial sector – and our full-time Banking and Finance course is packed with relevant, up-to-date knowledge. Get essential insights in lectures and practical experience with our Bloomberg Financial Markets Lab in Chelmsford. Take a placement year in industry, and find the right career path for you. Your future is in your hands.You want to feel ready to look for a job in the sector when you graduate. This means having a strong grasp of the equipment you’ll use in your career. This is why we grant our students access to our Bloomberg Lab from the first year – so you learn in supportive way that’s unique to the university environment. This way you’ll get proper experience of the trading floor and know your way around the financial world before you graduate.You understand that networking is a smart move for your career. We aim to make the most of our industry connections, and have established links with a number of professional bodies across the banking and finance sectors. Regularly held talks and seminars with experts and industry professionals offer you an insight into the business, and give you a chance to form your own links. From learning from inspiring external guest speakers to participating in workshops in the City, you will actively experience the finance and banking world. Because you won’t learn all tricks of the trade just by sitting in the lecture theatre.You’ll be able to test your skills during in-class seminars and take them to the next level with tailored extra-curricular activities. Our student-led Investment Group is a supportive society that encourages collaboration and lifting each other up. Together with your peers, you will exchange your ideas, get constructive feedback, take initiative and most importantly - learn not to fear failure, but to build your success on it instead.Here at ARU, we understand the importance of collaboration in the contemporary business and financial world. So develop your cooperative skills and idea generation with course-based societies - to help you become a stronger player on the job market.

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School of Economics, Finance and Law

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13 Tháng Chín 2021

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Chelmsford Campus

Bishop Hall Lane,



CM1 1SQ, England

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Students need to have a recognised foundation qualification. Standard entry criteria for undergraduate courses is IELTS 6.0 or equivalent, with nothing lower than 5.5 in any of the four elements (listening, speaking, reading and writing).

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