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Art History & Visual Culture and Drama with Employment Experience BA (Hons)

Anh Quốc

Nội dung bạn sẽ được học

- An excellent grounding in the main themes and methods of Art History & Visual culture while developing your critical, imaginative and practical engagement with the social, historical and cultural contexts of theatre- Develop essential tools to interpret works of arts (including architecture and design) as well as images, objects and practices- Study traditional fine art and contemporary visual forms including painting, sculpture, illustration, architecture, film, video, performance and digital art - Studio-based work will equip you with communication and organisation skills and will enhance your creative development and analytical skills - Throughout the programme you will get equal opportunities and challenges to act, direct, write or create dramatic events- To learn more about modules, assessment methods, facilities and our staff research expertise please visit our course page.

Khoa bạn sẽ vào học

Languages, Cultures and Visual Studies

Các hình thức học tập

Toàn thời gian (1 năm)

Học phí
£21,500.00 (716,666,667 đ) một năm
Chi phí cố định
Ngày bắt đầu

25 Tháng Chín 2023

Địa điểm

University of Exeter - Exeter campuses

Northcote House,

The Queen's Drive Exeter,


EX4 4QJ, England

Yêu cầu đầu vào

Dành cho sinh viên đến từ Mỹ

Alternatively, undergraduate applicants from the US should have successfully completed their High School Diploma, and should hold Advanced Placement tests (APs) and/or SAT subject tests (previously ‘SAT II’). We can also accept a composite ACT score provided any programme subject requirements are met by relevant AP or SAT subject tests.

*Có thể có những yêu cầu khác nhau về IELTS tùy thuộc vào khóa học bạn chọn


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