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Explore humanity from its earliest origins to the cultures and societies of today with our BA Archaeology and Anthropology with Study Year Abroad degree.This four-year, joint honours course combines archaeology’s examination of material evidence from our past and present with anthropology’s focus on human development and contemporary cultures and societies. Studying these two disciplines together allows you insight and understanding of what it means to be human.This understanding will be crucial in addressing issues critical to our shared global future.Using methodological approaches from the sciences, social sciences and humanities, you will examine the diversity of human experience. You will learn about the biological evolution of our earliest ancestors, the pre-historical and historical development of different cultures, and present-day ways of life and social issues.During your studies you will analyse:material culturebiological evidenceethnographic evidencetheoretical and empirical perspectives from the past and present.Study AbroadA key component of this course is a fourth year so that you can further your studies at one of our partner universities abroad. This happens during your third year.Studying abroad is an opportunity to increase your cultural awareness and explore a new location.All classes are conducted in English and bursaries are available to help with travel and accommodation costs. Visit our Study Abroad website for more information.Studying at ReadingDuring your studies, you will work with academics from our Department of Archaeology – and other experts from our School of Archaeology, Geography and Environmental Science – who are passionate about reconstructing our past to influence our future. We provide a welcoming, friendly community. Our staff are approachable and aim to create a supportive learning environment, and lively student-led societies like RUined (Reading University Archaeology Society) offer a variety of social events and activities.Reading is ranked in the top 10 UK universities for Archaeology (QS World University Rankings by Subject, 2019), and we have an outstanding track record for student satisfaction, with scores consistently between 90-100% for overall student satisfaction in the National Student Survey 2010-2018.Your learning environmentOn this course you will learn through a combination of:field classes and fieldwork projectslectures and seminarslaboratory and other practical workplacements.Depending on your module choices, methods of assessment can range from fieldwork diaries and laboratory-based practical tests to article critiques and presentations.Your studies will encompass ethnographic approaches and case studies, and the study of social and scientific archaeology.In addition to excavation skills, you will also learn about surveying, GIS (geographical information systems) mapping, planning, and finds processing. Specialist fieldwork equipment will enrich and support your learning, as will access to our extensive collections of artefacts, biological and geological specimens, analytical IT software facilities, and diverse suite of laboratories. You will also have access to our three on-site museums and the University’s special collections.Through practical work you will be able to experience the excitement of discovery and have the chance to make a direct contribution through the creation of new archaeological and anthropological knowledge. During your studies you will also be encouraged to undertake short placements with local and regional employers during your studies. These will support you in developing your professional skills and boost your employability.

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School of Archaeology, Geography and Environmental Science

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Tháng Mười 2021

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