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The Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Visual Arts programme is a professional degree that focuses on intensive practice-led work in the visual arts supported by a programme in General Education. It emphasises creativity, versatility, and intelligent articulation, thus enabling its graduates to enter professional, studio-based careers in such fields as studio arts, design, and/or craft after earning the degree.

The programme consists of a set of required courses and a number of elective courses to be taken from two concentrations: Studio and Media Arts and Craft and Design. It provides students with solid foundations in their personal choice of areas including drawing, painting, Chinese arts, media arts, graphic arts, sculpture, glass, ceramics, object design, experience design, and is supported by required courses in art history and theory, visual and material culture.

The underlying philosophy of the programme is rooted in the idea of the ever-shifting climate of creative production in the context of society. Studio teaching is conducted through a combination of workshops, and individual and group tutorials, and is founded on the belief that art and design practice is fundamentally a social phenomenon. The aim of the staff and students is to participate in social interaction and discussion through visual arts.

The programme is offered in two distinct modes: in the ‘professional mode’ as an undergraduate degree programme that enables graduates to enter professional careers in such fields as design, fine arts, and/or craft; or in ‘liberal arts mode’, which may or may not prepare them for careers as visual arts professionals, as career preparation is not a primary objective of liberal arts education.

The structure of the curriculum in Professional Mode is as follows:

  1. Major Courses 75 units
  2. University Core13 units
  3. General Education18 units
  4. Free Electives13 units
  5. Studio Honours Project 9 units

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Academy of Visual Arts

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Toàn thời gian (4 năm)

Học phí
HK$140,000.00 (415,161,390 đ) một năm
Ngày bắt đầu

Dự kiến Tháng Chín 2019

Địa điểm

Hong Kong Baptist University

Kowloon Tong,

Kowloon City, Hong Kong, Kowloon

Yêu cầu đầu vào

Dành cho sinh viên đến từ Việt Nam

Applicants must have Upper Secondary School Graduation Certificate (Bàng Tót Nghiêp Phó Thông Trung Hoc). English Language Requirements : TOEFL- Internet-based test (iBT) - Score: 79; or Paper-based test (PBT) - Score: 550; IELTS Academic: Overall Band: 6.0. Grade C or above in GCE O-Level/ GCSE/ IGCSE English; or Grade E or above in GCE AS Level or AL Level English; Grade E or above in HKALE Use of English (AS Use of English); IB - Grade 4 in: IB English A (Higher or Standard Level); or IB English B (Higher Level); or IB English Literature and Performance (Standard Level) or Grade 5 in: IB English B (Standard Level).

Dành cho sinh viên quốc tế

Applicants who apply for admission with overseas qualifications are expected to have received 12-year pre-university education with appropriate school-leaving qualifications. Students from other countries should have qualifications equivalent to Hong Kong.

The following public examination results are recognised as meeting the English Language requirements stipulated by the University:

  • TOEFL: Internet-based test (iBT) - Score: 79; or Paper-based test (PBT) - Score: 550
  • IELTS Academic: Overall Band 6.0
  • IGCSE First Language English: Grade C/ Grade 4
  • IGCSE English as a Second Language: Grade B/ Grade 5
  • IB: Grade 4 in: IB English A (Higher or Standard Level); or IB English B (Higher Level); or IB English Literature and Performance (Standard Level) OR Grade 5 in: IB English B (Standard Level)

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