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Our MA Programme in Philosophy & Economics is based on over a decade and a half of expertise in integrating the two disciplines. It is fair to say that we are Germany’s leading university in providing undergraduate and graduate level P&E education. With an annual intake of around 120 students and a total of 600 degrees awarded in 15 years, the BA programme has gained a worldwide reputation as our alumni continue their postgraduate education at Ivy League universities, Oxbridge, and London’s universities and colleges. Our MA programme has now earned the same reputation for providing intensive, high-quality graduate education. Around half of our MA graduates since 2011 are now doing a PhD. The rest are forging their careers and shaping the world.

A modern degree for meeting modern challenges

The programme views economics and philosophy and their integration as methods for analyzing allocation, distributive, and institutional mechanisms in a world that is in need of new global governance structures. Chief among these are pressing foundational and practical questions: What are the dimensions of equality? Does globalization threaten social solidarity? How should we regulate migration flows? Is the international organization of labor necessary for achieving social justice? What are the economic and moral challenges that regional trade agreements create for the WTO? What is a fair allocation of voting power in the EU? What is the best way to organize deliberation? Who bears responsibility for climate change? Should executive salaries and bonuses be capped? How do we encourage corporate social responsibility?

Profile of the Master’s Programme

This two-year international programme, jointly organized and taught by the Departments of Philosophy and Economics, provides a rigorous graduate-level education in core areas of economics and analytic philosophy. Economics and philosophy are integrated as methods for analyzing institutional mechanisms in a globalized context that requires new governance structures. Bayreuth’s MA in Philosophy & Economics is an advanced degree that caters to those who are prepared to undertake rigorous cross-disciplinary training and who care about shaping the world we live in. Our programme provides expertise in ethics, moral and political philosophy, business ethics and corporate governance, philosophy of the social sciences, philosophical and applied logic, and decision and game theory.

Fields of Employment

Graduates of the MA in Philosophy & Economics pursue research careers in higher education or in the private and public sectors as well taking up public and private sector leadership and consulting positions.

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Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Sciences

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There is no tuition fee at the University of Bayreuth. A student has to pay a semester fee (Semester contribution € 109.60)
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University of Bayreuth

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Dành cho sinh viên đến từ Mỹ

Applicants must have a successful completion of the bachelor’s program at the University of Bayreuth or an equivalent degree. English Language Requirements: TOEFL (IBS 110) and IELTS (band width 7.0).

Dành cho sinh viên quốc tế

  • We welcome applications from graduates with a background in philosophy & economics, economics, or a related discipline (e.g. business/ management, political science) with an economics component. We also encourage graduates with a mathematics training to apply.
  • You will need at least a bachelor’s grade point average of 2.3 on the German grading scale.
  • You must have an excellent command of written and spoken English.
  • English Language Requirements:

    TOEFL (IBS) - 110 and IELTS band width 7.0