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Korean studies in Tübingen is a regional science subject. The content focuses on modern Korea , with courses on history, society, culture, politics and economy of Korea in a regional and global context. Everyday and global history as well as cultural studies approaches are applied.

The Korean language classes is also very intense. Learning the Korean language plays a prominent role in the Bachelor's degree with an extensive range of language courses, exercises and tandem courses with Korean exchange students.

Languages ​​used in the classroom are German, English and Korean.

As an integrated international course of study , a one-year study abroad in Korea is also planned for the main subject students of Korean studies. This year abroad is mandatory and makes it possible to acquire a high level of language, technical and intercultural competence.

Korean language graduates therefore achieve a Korean language level of at least TOPIK level 4 / language level B2 GER and have solid specialist knowledge of modern Korea, especially in the areas of history, society and culture.

What is special about the Tübingen program?

Integrated study abroad

For Korean major students, a year of study abroad in Korea is an integral part of the course. Tuebingen students are exempt from tuition and language course fees at the renowned Korean partner universities.

Career prospects

The completed bachelor's degree opens the door to many professional areas in which language, cultural and country skills related to Korea are required. Perspectives in industry and economy, diplomacy and international institutions, media and cultural institutions are opened.

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Faculty of Humanities

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1,500 euros per semester since the winter semester 2017/18; In addition, there are the usual semester fees of 158.30 euros
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Dự kiến Tháng Mười 2021

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University of Tubingen



Baden Wurttemberg,

72074, Germany

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Dành cho sinh viên quốc tế

There are no prior knowledge of Korean required. However, this requires participation in the preparatory course before the official start of the lecture.

Good knowledge of English is required, as a large part of the specialist literature and some seminars are held in English.