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The Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) programme gives you individualised support towards your professional goals. Offering quality research and faculty and an international curriculum, this hands-on and operational training is a stepping stone to a successful career or further studies at the master’s level. To be eligible, you will have completed three years of post-secondary education at the start of your programme. On acceptance, you will enter the fourth and final year of the BBA to earn your degree through Audencia Bachelor Programmes.

Spend a year in the Audencia Bachelor Programmes to broaden your international experience and business training. We offer a range of advanced business modules, including international marketing, European business, import/export techniques and more.


Audencia Bachelor Programmes has created Calypso, a programme that helps you throughout your internship and job search. You’ll learn to use your personal qualities, life experiences and mission to build a meaningful career. This programme enables you to focus on a specific project within a company.

Benefits include:

  • Customized advice on your résumé
  • Preparation for job interviews
  • An individual follow-up during your time with a company
  • Events such as training forums and professional conferences
  • Access to Audencia network of partners and alumni

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Toàn thời gian (1 năm)

Học phí
€8,200.00 (229,355,561 đ) một năm
Ngày bắt đầu

Dự kiến Tháng Chín 2021

Địa điểm

Audencia Business School

8 Route de la Jonelière,

Nantes Cedex 3,


Pays de la Loire,

44312, France

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To apply for the BBA (Bachelor in Business Administration) programme, you must:

  • Be under 26 years of age
  • Have three years of post-secondary education in any discipline*
  • Have proficiency in English or French

*Candidates who will have completed three years of post-secondary education before the programme start are eligible to apply.