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The PhD programme is a three-year research program, financed or partly financed by external funds or by the Department.

The PhD programme qualifies the student to independently carry out research, development and teaching assignments at an international level within the discipline of political science.

The PhD programme consists of the following disciplines: International Politics, Comparative Politics, Public Policy and Administration, Digital Political Science and Political Theory and Methods.

The PhD programme at the Department of Political Science is a research education, which aim is to bring the PhD student to the forefront of international research and make the student able to contribute to the research of the field. First of all, the programme consists of individual research, supervised by a researcher from the Department, and it is completed by a dissertation. Furthermore, it is required that the PhD student contributes by teaching students from the bachelor’s and master’s degree. In addition to this, it is required that the student participates in active research environments, communicates their research, participates in various conferences and goes abroad with reference to their research.

Research project and thesis

A fundamental part of the PhD programme is the completion of individual research (the PhD project) supervised by a researcher from the Department. The research can either be a separate project or a part of a bigger research project. The programme is completed by a dissertation (monograph or a collection of articles) and a public oral defense.

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A Master's degree of two years (120 ECTS) or the equivalent is required to enroll as a PhD student in Denmark. Other English language requirements: TOEFL paper based test: minimum score 560; TOEFL computer based test: minimum score 220.

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At the time of enrolment, the applicant must normally hold an academically relevant Master’s degree or be able to document equivalent qualifications, e.g. degrees from a university abroad.

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