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St. Francis Xavier University has proudly offered the award-winning Diploma in Adult Education for more than three decades. We have prepared more than 7,000 individuals from business, government, and the non-profit sector to serve as instructional designers, facilitators, evaluators, and training & development consultants.

Our professional staff are current adult educators and specialists with training experience. They offer online training to adult educators, trainers, consultants, and human resource professionals with all levels of experience.

Often employers send their staff to our Diploma program to enable their team to apply the same rigorous training standards to their work.

In fact, IPL (Institute for Performance and Learning), Canada’s national training professional association, recognizes StFX’s adult education methodologies and awards our Diploma graduates with 1 year of work experience credit for the Certified Training and Development Professional (CTDP) designation.

StFX’s Diploma in Adult Education is designed for working professionals. It consists of six modules that provide a solid foundation in adult education theory and practice ~ including needs assessment, adult education principles, learning objectives, evaluation, training design, learning styles, and facilitation.

Modules 1 to 5 are 3 half-day workshops and require the completion of a formal, graded assignment. Our facilitators model the experiential training methodology that graduates will use with their own learners. The Module 6 Practicum is a real-world training project and a report that are completed at-a-distance.

The Certificate (Modules 1 to 5) carries six StFX academic undergraduate credits, while the Diploma (Modules 1 to 6) carries 12 StFX academic undergraduate credits.


  • Needs Assessment
  • Learning Objectives
  • Evaluation
  • Learning Design
  • Facilitating Learning
  • Practicum

Module 1 Needs Assessment

Examines a model of needs assessment. Needs assessment is the foundation of an effective training program. It enables training professionals to develop long-term and short-term plans, define opportunities and challenges, set priorities, and develop support for training initiatives.

Module 2 Learning Objectives

Analyses the standards required for effective learning and explores current adult education theories. Learning objectives guide all aspects of instructional design. They also inform prospective participants and managers, provide motivation for learners, enable evaluation, and apprise facilitators of any need for training re-design.

Module 3 Evaluation

Explores the critical process of evaluation. A sound evaluation strategy enables professionals to design better training.

Module 4 Learning Design

Investigates adult learning principles, the unique characteristics of how adults learn, and the effects on course design.

Module 5 Facilitating Learning

Examines the role of the facilitator in a learning environment. Facilitating learning is different than making a presentation.

Module 6 Practicum

Provides the opportunity to apply in the real-world what was learned in Modules 1 through 5.

Learners will implement a self-directed training project that incorporates needs assessment, learning objectives, evaluation, learning design, and the facilitation of learning. In addition, learners will compile a report that analyses the project’s specific requirements and opportunities for improvement.

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Tuition/Classroom Module Fee: CAN $4,495 (per module, 1-5); Tuition/Practicum Fee: CAN $500 (per module 6); Textbook/Materials Fee: CAN $140 (one-time fee)
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To qualify for entrance to the Diploma program (which has undergraduate status at StFX), a university entrance-level high school graduation certificate is desirable. Applicants who possess adequate professional experience may be admitted to the program as mature students.

Students with an IELTS score of 6.5 and no band below 6.0 will be deemed to have satisfied the English language requirements for admissions to undergraduate programs. Other acceptable tests include: MELAB (minimum score required is 90), TOEFL iBT (minimum score required is 90 and no lower than 20 in each band), CAEL (minimum score required is 71), CAE (minimum score required is 180 overall and no lower than 170 in each band.

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